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This can also be something like “But you draw all the time, Why don’t you draw stuff for me?”
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I do that a lot actually. Maybe someday they will. Like, my birthday or w/e

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All my doodles. 

You know when I see drawings and paintings of over-sized boobs on dA that shine more than a plastic bag, I feel like reaching into the picture to grab those girls’ boobs and rub them together to see if they sound like balloons rubbing together.
You’d think that the exterior of boobs are made out of skin that still doesn’t shine as much when wet or sweaty, right?
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I seriously feel this way all the damn time I see a wonderful artist and I find that they are like five years younger then I am…but I still keep drawing anyway.
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Every time.Every. Time. 
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hell, the victim will probably realize that he is madly in love with the rapist afterwards anyways, right?

sparkles make everything perfect
don’t get me wrong, there’s a right way to do this and a wrong way to do this
at least try to use “sparkles” at a minimum and make them go with the light source
it usually comes out better that way.
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Sparkles are a nice effect but I always find myself wondering why do they have to be on every picture

The most faves I get on a deviation these days is two, actually.
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